I am a native Brooklynite. I grew up in a home with four generations of family. Think of it like Radio Days meets Saturday Night Fever. I graduated from Pratt Institute in 2008 with a B.F.A. in Communications Design. I’ve spent the past decade working as an art director and audio producer.​​​​​​​ Browse some of my work below.

Audio Production: Demo
Video Production: WallBreakers Unity T-Shirt Line
Canon for Popular Mechanics
Web Design: Estee Lauder - On the Scene
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Ad for Car And Driver
Samsung for Esquire.com
Branding: Green Depot Key Art
Branding: Green Depot Logo Rebrand
Web Design: Fig Newtons - The Fruitful Life
Welcome to the New WallBreakers!
Web Design: Smartwater - The Smartest Man Alive
Video Editing & Desktop Ad Units: Mary Kay
Nikon for Popular Mechanics
Branding: Brainfuse
Brute Print Ads for Popular Mechanics
Video Editing & Desktop Ad Units - Alfani
Art Direction & Set Design: 21st Century Film Noir
Web Design Sweepstakes: Lenox
Desktop Ad Units: Burts Bees
Tablet & Web Design: Zappos Digital Dressing Room
Web Design: 93Nevins
Web Design: Project Main St.
Desktop Web Ad Units: Timberland
Tablet Advertising: Jaguar
Audio Production: Burning Gotham
Audio: Christmas Week 1948—The CBS Talent Raids
Audio: Thanksgiving 1948—The Changing Radio Landscape
Audio Production: MARY Magazine
Audio Production: Halloween 1948—Dewey Vs. Truman
Audio Production: Fireside Mystery Theatre
Audio Production: Back to School with The Nelsons
Audio Production: Summer Vacation with Our Miss Brooks
Christmas With Ozzie and Harriet
Audio Production: Sam Spade Comes to Radio
Audio: Orson Welles' Radio Career From 1941-1947
Audio Production: At the Malt Shop With Fibber & Molly
Audio Production: The Return of Johnny Dollar
Audio Production: The Saga of Belle Siddons
Audio Production: The Radio Career of Lucille Ball
Audio Production: New Year's 1948 On The Air
Audio Production: Christmas Week 1947
Audio Production: Thanksgiving 1947
Audio Production: Halloween on the Air (1943 - 1953)
Audio Production: Radio And The Classroom (1939 - 1965)
Audio Production: Radio And The Drugstore (1940 - 1955)
Audio Production: Radio And The Subway (1941 - 1975)
Audio Production: Radio And Coney Island (1906 - 1960)
The Hollywood Radio Western Renaissance (1954 - 1980)
The People Behind Radio’s Boomer Boom (1945 - 1954)
The Birth of The Adult Radio Western (1929 - 1945)
Audio Production: A Man Named Marlowe
Audio Production: Breaking Walls
Advertorial Copywriting: Michelin
Desktop Web Ad Units: Gucci - Vogue.com
Sidekick Web Ad Units: BMWi for Details.com
Desktop Ad Units: Oscar De La Renta - Vogue.com
Branding: Green Depot Rebrand Explorations
Web Design: Med Learning Group
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